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Tips For Promoting Your Blog

You’ve finally gotten your blog set up. You have written a few posts. Now you sit back and wait for the readers to start rolling in. Only you soon discover there are no visitors. Your dreams of having a well known blog are dashed and you give up blogging after a few short weeks.

This happens all too often in the blog world. People have unrealistic expectations for their blog. Blogging doesn’t follow the you build it( or write it in this instance) they will come. You have to do some work promoting your blog if you want to develop a following of readers.

Here are some tips to help make promoting your blog easier.

  1. Have plenty of content. There has to be something worth promoting.
  2. Be patient, even with lots of promotion it takes time to develop a following.
  3. Have guest bloggers. A guest blogger will most likely publish a link to the blog post they do on their own site. This will bring you visitors and maybe long term readers.
  4. Join social media sites. Promote your blog whenever possible. Don’t spam!
  5. Make a video about your blog topic. Post it on YouTube with a link to your blog. People like videos.
  6. Comment on other blogs. Include a link to your blog when you leave the comment.
  7. Blog frequently. Try for everyday, if that is too much, shoot for at least a couple times a week. In the beginning you may need to blog several times a day.
  8. Use Stumble and Digg to bookmark your blog posts. Also bookmark other blogs and sites you like. This will help you develop a relationship in those communities. If you only bookmark your posts people will see you as a spammer.
  9. Make sure your blog posts are optimized for search engines with the right amount of keyword usage.
  10. Include a link to your blog in your signature on email and any message board you use. The more people you get  seeing your blog the better.

Building a blog following can take months if not years to do. You need consistent blog postings that interest your readers if you want them to keep coming back. Don’t give up, be persistent. http://dotcomreport.com/


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